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For years our customers have turned to Crescent Avenue Gardens for outdoor power equipment sales and also when they’ve needed equipment serviced or repaired. We carry a large selection of lawn and garden equipment including push mowers, riding lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, trimmers, tillers, lawn vacuums, chainsaws, backpack sprayers and more. We carry only the top power equipment brands such as Toro, Stilhl, Mantis, and Billy-Goat.

In 1959, when Crescent Avenue Gardens first opened, there were many similar types of stores in neighborhoods all over town. Today, finding a stand-alone lawn equipment dealer that sells and services the top brands is quite rare.

People think that the home stores and discount stores sell power equipment for less. More often than not, the same equipment costs the same or less at Crescent Avenue Gardens.

If you bought a mower from Crescent Avenue Gardens ten years ago, you probably talked with Gayle or Gary. If you come back today, you’ll probably talk with Gayle or Gary. When you come back in ten years, you’ll still find Gayle and Gary, and most of the same crew that works there now.

We know and trust everything we sell. We service, repair and carry parts for everything we sell even power equipment that was purchased elsewhere. That’s the kind of store we are: personal, professional, and always interested in helping you find the right power equipment to suit your needs.

Due to supply chain disruption, some models may be out of stock. Call or visit our store to view current product availability.